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    Integrated robotics - slow moving through joint blended points

    Integrated robotics - slow moving through joint blended points


    The robot slows down significantly when passing help points. All my help points are set as blended joints, blending 50 mm post blending 50 mm (see screen). I tried changing the settings to PTP blended, but the result was the same. I discuss this with Stäubli. I sent them video trajectories, record and screenshots of setings of the points. It got through to the uniVal developers and they wondered if the correct function blocks,MC_MoveAxisAbsolute, Direct and Linear were being used and on follow up if they were waiting for the MC_GroupContinue statuses which should be the correct function block to use.

    Thank you in advance for reply.

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    Long-established Member

    Can you enable the logging (debug level) in the HMI start screen of the programmable robot object
    and send us the log file of your motion sequence ?

    The log file is located in the same directory, which you have chosen for your robot configuration and teachpoints...

    I will turn on logging as soon as the machine is at the customer's site. Unfortunately, machine is prepared for transport now (it is disconected). Thank you for your response. The machine will be ready to be switched on again at the customer's place on 14.6.

    I am attaching a log file. There are about 7 trajectories.

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    Thanks for the logfile .
    Would it be possible, that you correct the point-comments,
    if you calculate or manipulate points based on other points ?
    Unfortunately  its not clear to see, what is a help-position and what is a nest-position.

    For example:  if you use the "WP135_NEST " point to calculate a  offset position,
    than change the comment of this calculated point to "WP135_NEST_OFFSET" ,
    so it is more clear for us to understand what is the sequence.

    It would be great if you could give us a specific teaching point where this problem occurs?

    and then it would be interesting to know which robot-type it is.