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    Integrated robotics - reference function of Staubli 6-axis

    Integrated robotics - reference function of Staubli 6-axis

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     I have one question about reference function of Staubli 6 axis robot, I found a command 'EXECUTE_SAFE_REF', but I do not know what the command logic is. for example:

    1. Should I create two reference position points in the robot point list?(same with the reference position1 and reference position2 of the staubli robot)

    2. Should I design a route to move the robot to first reference position1, next execute the command 'EXECUTE_SAFE_REF', after that move to second reference position2, then execute the command again?

    3. The robot is cotrolled only in remote auto mode, so in the SRS software, only activate the function in automatic mode? or need to select both manual and auto?(see attachment)

    need your help~ thank you.

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    The EXECUTE_SAFE_REF command is the right command for triggering the this safe referencing.

    Unfortunately I have no experience with the CS9 safety, because we have only a CS8 in our laboratory,
    but I would say that your procedure sounds conclusive....

    By the way :

    This safe referencing is only needed, If you use the safe-workspace feature.

    If you have a protective housing, that is big enough, that the robot can not collide with the hounsing,
    or your housing is strong enough, that the robot can not break through,
    then you don't need this feature and no safe referencing is needed...

    But this depends on your applikation.



    Would you like to explain the reference command logic of CS8 to me? or do you have a document about reference command? I tried to execute the command, but there is a error, I do not know what the problem is.

    Actually the reason why I want to use the reference function is when I change the robot to manual mode by Staubli tech pendant, the robot speed will change to 250mm/s forcely, but if I use the mpad to control the robot, I have to change the robot to remote mode, cannot change to manual mode, in this way, robot speed must be set by PLC.

    so I want to use the reference fucntion to reduce global robot speed during setup mode(open the safety door and press enable button mode), because the speed limit configuration must use with reference fucntion in the Staubli robot - safe cell + license