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    Error windows script host, "OpconDesktopInfo.Vbs".

    Error windows script host, "OpconDesktopInfo.Vbs".

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    I have a problem with a CX Nexeed Control Plus (Windows 10) used for some comunication with an external bench. During the automatic cycle, in random mode, the CX stop the comunication with the external bench and on the HMI is displayed the attached error. At this time all the app services are stopped and the only way for comunicate again with the CX is to restart it from windows functionality (twincat restart isn't working). 

    Thanks for the help! 


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    I can’t imagine this popup causing the error.

    In the HMI you can see, that somehow all connections are interrupted - maybe there is a problem with the network.

    Probably this message pops up, because this OpconDesktopInfo.vbs script also reads information from the network settings and displays it on the desktop.

    As you mentioned, you can not restart the TwinCat Runtime,
    so it would be interesting to know the status of the Runtime - maybe you can take a screenshot with open Taskbar,
    so that the Twincat runtime icon is to see...

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    have you the newest version of DataSetAccess service.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator
    DataSetAccess V1.0.14 has a memory bug and after some time Windows is not working properly anymore.

    There are several known symptoms:
    Red crosses in HMI instead of pictures/views; OpconDesktopInfo.Vbs error dialogue; black screen; network not available anymore; error entries in the Event Viewer with „out of memory“.
    In most cases the PLC keeps on running.

    Update DataSetAccess service to the latest version and deploy DataSetAccess Std.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    The DataSetAccess memory leak occurs when there is an additional outdated configuration for DataSetAccess on the target system. Please check if there is more than one subfolder underneath C:\OpconApp\DataSetAccess\Config. If so, please check which one is the valid one (compare with DataSetAccess folder in CpStudio project) and delete the other one(s).