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    Sustainable intiative?

    New Poster

    Sustainable intiative?

    I was wondering how "sustainable" this whole developer intiative is? We already saw it back in 2017 (, but it looks like it hasn't taken off since then. 

    How can you (Cobi / Bosch) make sure the time one invests into developing new apps for the platform is not wasted? Can you show a road map with milestones / next steps (when will you launch the marketplace, etc.)?

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    Community Moderator

    Re: Sustainable intiative?

    Hello bp2000,

    Currently, there is no open roadmap or milestones I can forward you to; this information is currently not publically available.

    I can however say that we are continuing to improve our SDK and that it is worth it to invest time in creating modules for our platform.

    Best regards,

    New Poster

    Re: Sustainable intiative?

    Can you at least tell the community when the marketplace will be going live?


    Betreff: Sustainable intiative?

    bp2000, sadly, it seems like your doubts were proven to be real. I have never seen a developer forum of a product being dead like this, with a maintainer showing so few interest in helping the fans to create interesting and fantastisc additions to the main product:

    • Documentation: outdated, false references
    • Entry information, tutorials for beginners: outdated, archived, abandoned
    • Show case place: removed, dead links
    • Simulator: no support for basic functions (motor, battery)
    • Forum: Answers near to zero or delayed by weeks
    • Overall product maintenance: intransparent, slow, badly documented, amateur-level

    Trying to develop something for this app feels like dancing on a cemetery, alone, in the dark, with hands bound on your back. I can only hope the true party happens somewhere else but there is no-one telling me about it.

    I am very disappointed about all this. Worst experience I ever made.