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    Compatibility with external ANT+/BT/BLE sensors

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    Compatibility with external ANT+/BT/BLE sensors

    Hello everybody,

    i quickly went through the documentation, but at this point the following isn't clear to me.

    To what extent is it possible to display the data from external ANT+/BT/BLE sensors in the Cobi app, in addition to the HR/cadence/speed integration

    (which works beautifully, I must say).

    Just one practical example: tire air pressure sensors, such as SKS's Airspy --> is it possible to add a windows displaying pressure data, using a module me or someone else develops?


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    Re: Compatibility with external ANT+/BT/BLE sensors


    Thank you very much for your message and for the nice words! 

    Currently it's not possible to add an external bluetooth sensor other than the speed/cadence/HR sensors you mentioned.

    We will let you know if this changes in the future.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Compatibility with external ANT+/BT/BLE sensors

    perhaps I made this sound too complicated.

    All I mean is this: using for example a REST API, can I make a get request and display a datafield in a custom cobi module?

    External sensor is already paired to phone, and has an app with associated API as well.

    This literally should be a piece of cake, technically speaking.


    Is this possible?

    Thanks so much in advance!


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    Re: Compatibility with external ANT+/BT/BLE sensors


    Yes, what you are describing should be possible, provided that the smartphone has an active connection to the internet.


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    Re: Compatibility with external ANT+/BT/BLE sensors

    Did this ever happen?

    I got the airspy 2 pack and then added the SKS module in app only to realize it was only the tire pressure calculator.

    So, any advice on how to add this data to a custom layout would be much appreciated.