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    Bug reports and feature request

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    Bug reports and feature request

    Today I read an article from one guy who created unoffical changelog for TwinCAT releases. It remined me an idea I had last year.

    I would like to have a tool for bugreports and feature request provided for development tools such as Control Plus Studio, Object browser and other software. It would be nice to improve these applications depend on user voice. Opinion from users which are using this software on daily base is the best way how to get relevant information for future development.

    Of course we can use hotline or this forum, but sophisticated tool like Jira.

    What do you think about this idea?

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    Re: Bug reports and feature request


    I really like the idea you have, especially because I also have a programmer heart 🙂

    Let me explain my current point of view here:

    Bugs: Today the channel to post bugs is the helpdesk. I think that is still the best way, since these requests are tracked and you get a response when the bug is solved. But we have plans to make currently open bugs public in a kind of bug list, so everyone knows about them.

    Ideas: Actually our intention was to start with this community for posting ideas in the respective product board. For Control plus e.g. in the Control plus board in this community. Of course this is not a ticket system but a good way to describe ideas (rich text editor and possibility to add pictures,..) and discuss them with the community. We will update everybody by posting about our thoughts or the implementation of the ideas.

    But of course as a programmer I love your idea of a ticket system like e.g. JIRA. I think we could introduce this when we recognize there are many ideas and we have the need of another platform. Hosting such online offers always comes with quite some effort and we first would like to see of its worth it.