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    Setting up a test device on the Remote Manager (On-Premise)

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    Community Manager

    Re: Setting up a test device on the Remote Manager (On-Premise)

    Hi clemensw, again this is just community discussion and not tech support to you,

    However I have noted several potential problems/suggestions which I list below, I recommend read through them all first, and try some or all of these suggestions, but especially #2, you need to extract/install Connectivity pack. I don’t think it will run without that properly extracted to the runtime.

    That’s about all I know, so good luck!

    1. General point: It doesn’t seem like you are following all the same steps that you linked to: The quick start guide . If you do this from the web Dashboard , go to Device Management > Register Device Action > Register OSGi, you should be able to check Demo IoT Runtime, and even if not anyway it will automatically download the Connectivity package, which you need to extract to the runtime folder. Maybe you’re trying to do “on-premises” configuration, if so, I don’t think that’s the best way to get started, use this above cloud quick start link that you shared. Even if you don’t see the runtime checkbox, you should still get the Connectivity pack. Then when you get it working, you can go from there with other software/packages.
    2. You have to extract that Connectivity pack to the runtime top folder. You will know it was a success because same-named folders in the runtime directory will then also have the files from the Connectivity folders of the same name. This should take care of all the files, I don’t think you need to manually seek/place certificate etc. files. It’s all taken care of.
    3. I’m not sure you can succeed running directly off your machine. Maybe you can, but I used a Raspberry Pi 3, with the Raspberry 2 runtime, and it worked fine (but see below). I would recommend just get an iot device, or maybe download some emulator and put the runtime/connectivity pack on there. I’m just not sure if the runtime works as an emulator right on your laptop/dektop.
    4. For me, the core gateway download did not work, but the home / iot gateway worked, for mbsa start script (osgi foreground server script worked for both). Did you try the Home Gateway download? Did you try to osgi script?