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    How to get my API in the API List and how to integrate with Bosch Accounts?

    Occassional Visitor

    How to get my API in the API List and how to integrate with Bosch Accounts?

    Great work!

    From a developer perspective I have a questions. How can I integrate my API/Application with the Bosch Accounts system?

    Is there a simple system planned like with GitHub (https://github.com/settings/applications/new)? Or is this what the project item is all about?


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    Community Manager

    Re: How to get my API in the API List and how to integrate with Bosch Accounts?

    Hi cgrotz,


    Thank you for your questions and sorry for such a late reply. However, late than never right Smiley Happy

    So for your first question, if you plan to publish your API on Bosch Developer Portal, you will benefit from the Bosch Global ID which is already part of the plaform. We have a standard publishing process, please contact us using the contact us form and in the subject type 'Request to publish new API' and our consulting team will contact you.

    Regarding your second question, we have renamed “projects” to “applications”, it’s same concept from Github as it allows you to create applications to manage client credentials separately.


    I hope this helps further and looking forward to your further contribution!