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    Connect GLM 120c with the Browser

    Connect GLM 120c with the Browser


    I’m trying to connect the mentioned device with the browser using the Web Bluetooth API. I’m able to establish the connection and view the services and characteristics provided by the device. Im using (****c0d1-****-****-****-********) to write to the device. Setting the Buzzer on, for instance works fine using:


    Now I want to set the Laser on for instance or get "Single distance measurment (Front edge)" but the frame does not seem to work! (0xc0[cmdNr]0100[cheksum] )

    Another question:

    -(***c0d2-****-****-****-********) reads alawys the same hexNumber and Im not sure how to use this or what this number actually represents

    what is the common workflow? write to the first UUID (c0d1) and read from the second(c0d2)? Why are the other frames not working, is there something to consider befor sending the frame to obatin measuremnts for instance?


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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Hello Bekandi, are you aware the connection/command protocol can be requested here? Or are you asking in reference to that, something still not clear?

    If you accept the usage terms, you can try it if you have not yet. (I don't know what the terms say about using open-source API, so here I don't comment on that.)

    thank you...

    Hello pdo,

    thank you for your reponse. I already got the protocoll, and my question is actually in reference to it.

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Ok Bekandi, we are checking on this and will reply soon, thank you.

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Hello  Bekandi,

    Actually can you please contact support directly? this is easiest way to get assistance: app dot support at bosch dot com.

    Thank you!


    I managed to solve the problem. The notification for the write characteristics, had to be set on. The sync command workes as in the documation and sends each event to the browser. 

    Thank you anyway