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    initialValue in .osd does not seem to work for enum members

    initialValue in .osd does not seem to work for enum members

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    OES 4.11b user here.

    I am developing an object which has a structure that will most likely go into station data, which is often stored as a dat file. For the initial creation of the dat file I want to provide sensible initial values, which are sometimes not the default initial values of the data types. I found that the initialValue attribute does not seem to work on structure members that use enumRef. Using the .osd in OES seems to discard this information. Here is what I want to do:

    <Item name="CurveValue" enumRef="ATMOxAnalogInputArrayCurveValueEnum" initialValue="3">
    		<Property name="Label">
    			<Text lcid="1033" value="Which value to display on the chart" />
    		<Property name="SelectEnumItems" value="True" />

    The initialValue seems to have no effect in OES, it is ignored. Apparently it's not possible to set initialValues for enums from .osd files at all, because I haven't found any that works. I can set it in the normal types definition in OES though, and when I activate "export STD files" the output also looks like my handwritten .osd above, but it doesn't work. Is there any plan to allow this feature in the future?

    For now my solution is to change the order of the enum items so my desired default coincides with index 0. If I needed different defaults for the same enum type in different places, then that would fail though.

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    Community Moderator

    Thanks for the hint!

    When the initial value for Enum instances was introduced in OES 4.10, only the Variables section was extended to read it from OOD/OSD files. We will enable this for the types section in the next Control plus Studio version, but I cannot promise an update for OES 4.11.