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    Write CSV-File with CgAddon

    New Poster

    Re: Write CSV-File with CgAddon

    Unfortunately, even in the current version (download today) there is still bug in Cg-Addon. The same errors can be observed in the Cm-Addon.
    I have created a support ticket for this directly.

    Community Moderator

    Re: Write CSV-File with CgAddon

    Which error do you mean? The bug that was originally reported (missing lines in the PLC export code) has been fixed. It doesn't exist in the CmAddon, either. If you are talking about something else, it would be good to tell us what you mean.

    New Poster

    Re: Write CSV-File with CgAddon

    I thought not to write it here and in the support ticket section, but if you ask.

    I use in my project the Cg-Addon V2.1.30 and Cm-Addon V1.1.4.0 both with CSV-Export. Last download from today (04.08.22). Here I noticed some bugs

    I try to describe it for the Cm-Addon.

    In CPS/Parameter/Common you can enter LineNo, StationNo etc., but it is different between Cm- and Cg-Addon (Picture 1 and Picture 2). In PLC/ParCfg you can see that there is the possibility to set a reference (picture 3).

    The CSV file contains missing and wrong data. Here is a section of my CSV file (picture 4)

    Header: I have to enter the reference myself if I want to have the line number, station number etc. in the CSV export. Refers to the error described above.

    Section Cm/Cmk: Actually CheckType.LOWER is ok.GOOD if >1.67 but the values are not entered correctly like this. UpLimit and Set value are from my last measurement.

    Section Values: I think the same values as for Cm/Cmk have been used here, but this is not correct. LoLimit is wrong, Unit is missing, Name is missing, CheckType is wrong. Compare this with PLC-Online values (Figure 5)

    Errors could also be observed in Cg/Cgk like this.