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    Some object's views don't appear

    Some object's views don't appear

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    Hello everyone,

    Since we are using Control Plus Studio with his new view's distribution, some object's views are not showed in the correct page.

    For example, when adding an object extended from an OpconUnit to Control Plus Studio like NexeedWpcSeparation, this CheckBox appears:


    And we can show the view in the Main station's tree:


    However, when adding an object extended from CommandHandler like NexeedRobot that checkbox doesn't appears:


    And all views appear in Miscellaneous, something that is too messy. 


    The only way to show something in the Robot page is using tiles, but the view is too small to be usefull.

    Has anybody any solution for this?

    Many thanks!






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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Actually, the decision whether an object has full-size views in the machine tree or if it uses machine tiles does not depend on the base type (OpconUnit/CommandHandler) but on the node type for the model tree. Objects that can be added children use the tile mode.

    These complex objects like the robot definitely need to be adjusted to the HMI V2. We are currently working on a new version of the NexeedRobot. Of course, no views will appear in the Misc category, afterwards.

    For your own objects or project-specific CommandHandlers, there is a possibility to show full-size views in the machine tree, as well. Every machine tile can have a so-called companion view.  If a companion view is configured for a tile, its header will show an expansion double-arrow that will open the companion view.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    In Control plus HMI V5.3, the concept has changed. There are no "machine tiles" anymore. Instead, you can configure full-size views for the machine section on every level of the tree. Hope this solves your problem!