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    HMI stop on mPad when download source code to plc

    HMI stop on mPad when download source code to plc

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    there is a big software project (22 ctrlX axis, 4 robots, 6 scanners, 2 presses, 6 RFID reader, lot of digital IOs, etc.) using one plc VPB 40.4D2 and two HMI's (Rexroth DE0021.1 and active C-PS-mPAD-x86). When downloading the source code to the plc (doesn't matter if online change or not) mostly the HMI on the mPad is hanging up, meanwhile HMI on VPB 40 is still running. 

    Is this a common issue or does anybody know why this i happening and a solution?

    (Start up of HMI on mPad takes round about 7 minutes, excl. Windows start up. So stop/start HMI during source code download isn't a fine solution for me.)


    Thank you in advance!



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    does the MPAD never wake up again? I observed the same thing, but after a while (ca 1 minute) it can be used again.

    Sometime (round about 20 - 30%) it is waking up again. I guess because its because of the size of the project....

    Is there a known root cause for this issue? Does anyone has a solution for it?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Is the option "Replace constants" active in this project? This option has a big impact on HMI startup time especially when there are many digital I/O in the project.

    Explanation: There is a method "GetSymbolInfo" provided by the Beckhoff ADS communication layer that is called at startup by the communication driver for every configured HMI variable. A single call to this method takes longer for a symbol that is a member of a large FB with many sub-symbols, like the BinIO FB. Replacing the constants reduces the number of available symbols in the BinIO FB, making the "GetSymbolInfo" call for each digital IO faster.

    The reason why the HMI takes very long to recover after updating the PLC project is probably directly related to the same issue. Again, the HMI driver needs to check all symbols. Of course it would be good if the HMI could display some message about the communication being intterrupted, but currrently we don't get such an information from the communication driver.

    The option "Replace constants" wasn't activated. Unfortunatelly there was no big change in time when we activated the option. Nevertheless I appreciate you. 

    Are there some other hints towards this issue?