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    Conversion of Control Plus V1 project to V2 platform

    Conversion of Control Plus V1 project to V2 platform

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    I would like to know how long does it take to convert project from Control Plus V1 to V2 platform. Does enyone real experience with the conversion? Are there some obsticles or restrictions?

    I also remember somebody was showing how to convert the project during Nexeed Automation Insights, but I cannot find the video recording.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Actually the project conversion from V1 to V2 has become easier since Control plus Studio 5.3. Before, we had the machine tile concept that required some additional work on all the handler levels, because full-size views were not possible in the Machine section of the HMI.

    Since V5.3, the HMI does not really require any conversion effort. Still, it is strongly recommended to apply categories to global views like diagnostic and data editor and hide them from the Machine section, so the tab menu is not as overloaded any more as it used to be in HMI V4.

    Some more important things:

    • DatAccess is not available anymore. If you have been using DataSetAccess before, there is no conversion effort. Otherwise, you need to replace all DatAccess addons with either NxDataSetManagerAddon or NxDataSetAddon. This also requires some changes in the PLC code.
    • ATD was replaced with CTA. You will be asked for the CTA nxrd file on project conversion and the runtime will be automatically replaced. You need to exchange the add-on manually, but there shouldn't be any coding effort.
    • The TwinCAT version has to be upgraded to 3.1.4024. This requires updating the TwinCAT system objects and reloading them after setting the correct TwinCAT version in Control plus Studio.

    So much for the things that come into my mind at the moment...

    I'm afraid I am the wrong person for a real field report, so if someone else can share their experiences, that would be great!