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    Update the Station.dat file in/with OES v1.2

    Update the Station.dat file in/with OES v1.2



    I have a basic task to do, but due to lack of experience in very old systems I am stuck. My very simple question is: How can I update the Station.dat file from OES v1.2? I know that in newer versions there is the right click menu and export to .dat file, or even DataManagement in not so older versions.

    But how can the export be done in the OES v1.2?


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    Community Moderator

    As far as I remember, OES 1.2 is not able to generate DAT files. But after you have deployed the new HMI configuration (after changing the StationData struct), you can use the HMI data editor to save the online data as new DAT file. This file will have the correct structure.

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    The best way for me to add something to .dat is: 1. Deploy only HMI (not yet change to PLC). 2. already existing values come from PLC to HMI, new values are empty in HMI. 3. Save new .dat from HMI. 4. PLC recognizes the problem of not matching values in .dat. 5. change PLC. 6. compare old and new .dat about correct values.

    Sound easy to do, but there is always a "but" 🙂

    The deployment is not working as it should. I can export the project with no errors. I press the deploy button, select the configuration. Deploys with no errors. The OES shows that everything went fine. But on the HMI the view does not restart. So the new structure is not reflected in the HMI and I get a plausibility error from the PLC.

    My theory: It seems the OES is not exporting the modified structures into the HMI files, thus the modifications do not goes through into the HMI by deployment.

    I verified in HMICompact/Config/DataStructures folder the exported files looks good. They contain the modified structures.
    But in HMICompact/TargetConfig/OpCon.HMI.Compact.vwn it shows the old structure. Hence the file modification date is todays' date.
    The old structure is present is the config.xml too, but the date here is a very old date. (See the attached screenshots. I have marked the files I am talking about.)



    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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    After OpConEngineeringSetup_12g.exe install with run_as_Admin, please check Bugfix on Notebook: OpCon.Engineering.DataStructs.dll and
    OpCon.Engineering.DataStructs.resources.dll. File size must be 872.448 and 19.456.