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    Proxy settings for XDK Workbench running in Linux

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    Proxy settings for XDK Workbench running in Linux

    I receive a proxy error when attempting to "Check for Updates" on the XDK-Workspace. Following the insturctions, I go to Preferences->Network Connections-> and provide user and password, but neither will save. It appears the program does not allow saving these credentials.

    How do I have proxy credentials save?

    I am running XDX Workbench, Version 3.6.0, build date: 2019-03-18T13:03:21Z

    I am using Ubutu 18.04.3 LTS (Bosch OSD 5).

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    Re: Proxy settings for XDK Workbench running in Linux


    We are running the XDK-Workbench in Ubutu 14.04 LTS ,Version 3.6.0, When click on the "check for updates" in help menu

    it is directly going to the available software list.We are not observed any proxy related issues such as asking for  the

    "Proxy error." 


    Santhosh babu

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    Re: Proxy settings for XDK Workbench running in Linux

    Hello John,

    I would sugesst that you use cntlm to solve your proxy issues.

    CNTLM is an open-source multi-platform application that handles all NTLM proxy-authentication and presents you a small HTTP based local proxy. We can tell our applications to use this local HTTP-proxy to tunnel their traffic through and avoid having trouble with NTLM again.

    Install the cntlm package via your favorite package installer, e.g. "apt-get install cntlm"

    • Insert the command "cntlm -M"
    • Copy the password-hash that was generated for you (we need the NTLMv2 one only)
    • Insert the password-hash into the "/etc/cntlm.conf" (at "PassNTLMv2") and save the file.

    Keep in mind:

    Whenever you change your NT-Password (i.e. Bosch Windows-Log-In-Password) you have to re-hash your password and insert the new hash into the CNTLM config. Otherwise CNTLM won't be able to authenticate with the Bosch proxy anymore.


    • Open eclipse
    • Go to Window > Preferences
    • Search for "Network Connections"
    • Select "Manual" in the "Active Provider" drop-down
    • Edit the proxy entries for HTTP, HTTPS (we don't need SOCKS)
    • Host: "localhost"
    • Port: "3128"
    • No authentication (that's done by CNTLM for us)
    • Save configuration