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    XDK not detected

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    XDK not detected


    I'm having trouble detecting the XDK using XDK-Workspace. I'm able to see the XDKs on my device manager under COM ports, with properly installed drivers & all, but on the XDK-Workspace, nothing appears on the XDK Devices window. I'm using Windows 10/ 64-bit and XDK-Workspace 3.6.  

    I've already gone through the XDK documentation, and older community posts with similar issues. I have tried forcing the bootloader mode on the XDKs, un- & reinstalling the XDK Workspace and the XDK driver, different XDK devices, different host device, with no luck. 

    Am I missing something?



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    Re: XDK not detected

    Hello XDK user,

    Thank you for using XDK workbench. Please answer the below questions to support you further,

    1. Can you see any LED pattern in the XDK ?
    2. How did you "forcing the bootloader mode on the XDKs" ? Did you do with button, since you mentioned xdk is not detected ?
      1. Do you know which bootloader version is used ?
    3. Are you able to connect the XDK port in tools like Tera term atleast ?
    4. How do see XDK device under device manager: "COM" or "XDK" ?
      1. If former, then driver is not installed, please install the driver manually
    5. Try running XDK workbench as admin

    Thank you,



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    Re: XDK not detected

    Hi Padmapriya, 

    Thanks for your reply, to answer your questions:

    1. yes, when connected it has the red (1/4) & orange(3/4) LEDs on

    2. yes, as explained in the help pages (Approach 1)
    2.1 I'm not sure how to check for that ? serial connection isn't working either.

    3. no, while the XDK appears under Ports(COM & LPT) in the device manager. the port that it is connected to doesn't list under the available serial ports in Tera Term

    4. it's listed as "XDK"

    5. I already did, no difference

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    Re: XDK not detected


    Thank you for responding.

    From your post, the XDK is in error state since Red LED and Orange LEDs are on. This could be due to assertion in software. In such cases, USB connection will not be detected.When only Green LED is on, software in XDK is running properly.

    Refer XDK_Guide_General_Information.pdf from XDK portal for more details => 1.2.5 User Interface: LEDs & Buttons -> Table 3.

    1. Can you please let me know which application you have in XDK ?
    2. Have you flashed any application which resulted in this behaviour? If so, please flash template application LedsAndButtons and test the behaviour ?