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    XDK error message module 0

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    XDK error message module 0

    I am new to the XDK workbench environment. Trying to connect it via mqtt to a mosquitto broker. It successfully connects to the wifi but spits out the following error

    Error in XDK110 Application package.
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: Package ID: 153
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: Module ID: 0
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: Severity code: 2
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: Error code: 12

    I tried looking for the module but did not find any with the ID 0.

    After the above error, MQTT_Connect failed to connect and tries reconnecting again with the same result.

    Any help will be much appreciated 


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    Re: XDK error message module 0

    Hello VMehta,

    Module 0 is very uncommon as a module ID and could mean a custom module.
    Error code 12 is a semaphore error. In the Serval (non AWS) MQTT module this appears when handling MQTT events from the stack (HandleServalMQTTEvents) and may come with an uninitialized signal. I suppose that the setup phase of the MQTT agent was not called, hence no signal is available when the connection gets a stack callback.

    Best regards,

    Francisco Llobet




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    Re: XDK error message module 0

    I am using eclipse Mita and not the sample program given in the Workbench. As far as I have gathered from the documentation, the setup phase of MQTT includes transport, the broker url, the clientID and the topics. Am I missing something?