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    XDK BMM150 dataoutput

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    XDK BMM150 dataoutput

    Hey everyone,

    i measured the strength of a permanent magnet with the XDK. I took the SD Card out and transfered the raw data (001.bin) to my PC and used the  datalogger.exe to convert it to a .csv (Excel File) with the command:

     C:\Users\Me\Desktop\datalogger.exe convert 001 -f csv -p custom -o outputFolder

    And it worked out! Now i have data which can be transfered to MatLAB to view it better (see Picture).

    But how do i interpret the numbers shown there (bmm_mag_x, bmm_mag_y, bmm_mag_z)? Is it 25536 μ T?? The range is given by +/- 2500 μ T.. so maybe just multiply the result with 0.1?

    I know theres a command:


    " --d, --do_conversion Convert raw data to units for all sensors except acoustic sensor. Requires the XDK's config file to be present." - (XDK Datalogger Datasheet, see atachment)


    But this is now working on my PC for a reason i don't exactly know .. 

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    Re: XDK BMM150 dataoutput

    Hello @Andrefht,

    Thanks a lot for your question!

    Our XDK experts will have a look and we will get back to you soon!

    Thanks a lot and stay tuned 😎!


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    Re: XDK BMM150 dataoutput


    Is your question on how BMM sensor data is converted ? If so, please find the answer below,

    Magnetometer unit is micro tesla.

    sensor converted data = sensor data >> conversion factor 
    conversion factor = 4 (register stores data bits from 4-7, hence the right shifting)