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    View BLE data on Android using MITA


    Re: View BLE data on Android using MITA


    First of all, I'm sorry for 'disappearing' - had to travl abroad and apparently this forum is geo-restricted to only some countries so I had no access. Really weird and not understandable what is so secret here or why not wanting to support any country on the globe... anyway, I'm back (for now)...

    Using the BLE scanner you recommended, I could finally see the Z and Q from you app. That was great!! 🙂

    But it seems "deeeeeeep" in the BLE protocol - so deep, 'normal' apps don't see this info (like the BLE terminal or MIT2 I've used). Surely I'm not using the right terms, but I hope I'm clear. Isn't it running on the regular serial profile?

    Also, can you please expain me what is the meaning of the numbers (0xFCD7) on the setup part ->

    var ppIntCharc = int32_characteristic(0xFCD7);

    because I see different numbers on different code examples and don't really understand if I set them as I wish (unique I guess within the app) or are something related to the underlying OS. Thanks.

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    Re: View BLE data on Android using MITA


    From a BLE application point of view, data is exchanged using the Generic Attribute Protocol(GATT)

     Attribute is the smallest addressable unit of data used by  ATT and GATT. It is addressed via a 16-bit handle, it has a type, which is an UUID that can be 16, 32 or 128 bits long, and it has a data field which can be up to 512 bytes long.

    Service is a collection of characteristics.

    Profile defines a collection of one or more services and define how services can be used to enable an application or use case.

    Custom profile hierarchy is illustrated in this image -

    With regards to the role and usage of UUID , please refer the documentation in

    Other References on implementaiton of a custom BLE service -