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    Trying to setup XDK config file


    Re: Trying to setup XDK config file

    Hello Mahalingam, 

    1. The "Discovering devices" error message only pops up randomly. 

     2. The "on and off" scenario happens always with BoschIoTSuite. 

    I have tried 3. and 4. as mentioned, the issue stills remains. The "Discovering devices" error message pops up after doing 4. 

    5. The bootloader version I'm running is 1.1.0. 

    6. The red LED turns on, followed by the orange LED, before both turning off in quick succession. This repeats indefinitely. 

    7. No, I do not have the needed port on the computer I'm currently using. 


    Attaching a screenshot of my XDK Workbench. 

    Occasional Contributor

    Re: Trying to setup XDK config file

    Hello SWS

    Thanks for the response.

    I have seen your attached screenshoot, there I see device was not displaying any mode information and version information in XDK device tab.

    I also see an error message in your workbench console like "Port Com3 is not available". 

    Other than XDK workbench, Does Com3 port is accessed by any other serial port terminal like hterm or tera-term?

    In your case, device is not jumping to application itself. From bootloader, device is trying to jump to application. but it is encountering some problem.

    When xdk is connected, then comport will be in enabled state and also mode and version info will be updated in xdk device tab. 

    when device jumps to application, mode will change to application.

    I flashed BoschIoTSuite application into xdk device, device successfully jumped to application(config files are copied, wlan connection is established and data are being sent to cloud successfully.

    I have shared you all the screenshots for your reference.

    Can you flash 1.3.0 bootloader version into device and check whether you still face same issue?

    I hope you are using latest workbench version v3.7.0 and windows os.

    If that doesn't solve your problem, first close xdk workbench application. without opening xdk workbench application, Switch off and on the xdk device. observe led pattern in your device and let me know about it.

    try to open the device manager and check whether xdk comport is listed continuously without any disconnection in device manager? 



    Re: Trying to setup XDK config file

    Thank you again for your reply, Mahalingam. 

    I'll need to get my company to acquire the needed J-Link adapters to flash bootloader 1.3.0, I am on the latest version of XDK Workbench and Windows however. 

    I'll get back to you as soon as am able!