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    Stream Buffer with Accelerometer


    Stream Buffer with Accelerometer

    Hi all,

    I have written a program which uses a task to writes accelerometer readings to the SD Card at a particular rate based on a timer. It currently writes to the SD Card with each time it gets a sensor measurement. I want to adapt my code so that the sensor measurements are stored in a stream buffer, and once that stream buffer is full, it writes to the SD Card. I am following the RTOS manual and trying to create a stream buffer using the xStreamBufferCreate. When I try to create this buffer, I get the error 'undefined reference to 'xStreamBufferGenericCreate', what could be causing this error?. I have included the 'stream_buffer.h' file and also made sure the configSUPPORT_DYNAMIC_ALLOCATION is set to 1 in the 'freeRTOSConfig.h' file. On the RTOS Manual which I will link below, it says that the 'stream_buffer.c' file must be included in the build to enable the stream buffer. I cannot find this file, so I think this may be the problem. I am using the application template for my program. If this is the problem, how can I include this file as it is not in my download of XDK Workbench? If anyone could help me out, I would appreciate that very much.




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    Re: Stream Buffer with Accelerometer

    Hello Stallion,

    Please see the news and new contact below, thank you!

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    The Bosch XDK IoT hardware platform and associated software has been transferred to LEGIC Identsystems Ltd.

    LEGIC has been an XDK ecosystem partner since 2019.

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