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    Old community platform has gone - all LOST ???


    Re: Old community platform has gone - all LOST ???

    Law and Order - As of now, XDK team are analyzing all the content they believe is relevant to migrate to this community.
    This is not allowed in GERMANY - we have had  that a long time ago - i was called "ZENSUR" !!!!!

    Community Manager

    Re: Old community platform has gone - all LOST ???

    Hello guys,

    We understand the importance for the content from the old XDK community and here goes a clarification from our side about the whole situation.

    Why we decided to closed the old XDK community?

    The old community was based on a technology which is not in our portfolio anymore, therefore, no support relationship with the technology provider will be in place, starting on January 1st, 2020.

    Why we do not migrate all the old content for this community?

    First of all, from the technical side, the migration is possible. But  due the GDPR we are not allowed to migrate the content without the consent from the users. We have more than 4500 users in the old community and most of them, are not active anymore, which makes this possibility not realistic. 

    @AchimKern, we appreciate your feedback about the German laws and we are analyzing all the possibilities of migration with our security experts.
    We for sure, will never decide to do any action against any law.

    As a workaround, we are making the old XDK community available again with no possibility to login or interaction. As of now, due this change, the community UI is not the best but we are also working to solve this issue.
    Please, be aware that this old XDK community will be online until December 31st.

    Here is the link for the old community:

    We are very sorry for all the inconvenience.
    Thanks for understanding

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