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    Is it posssible to enhance the WIFI transmit range

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    Is it posssible to enhance the WIFI transmit range


    we want to use the XDK in a large warehouse and realized the maximum distance to the receiver is about 30meters, whcih is not enough for our usecase. Is there a way to enhance the reach, e.g.g increasing the transmission power?

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    Re: Is it posssible to enhance the WIFI transmit range

    Hi @Nils,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your question!

    Our XDK experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

    Also, we are now, curious about your use case  🤓 could you share more details about it?

    Thanks again and stay tuned in our community! 😎

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    Re: Is it posssible to enhance the WIFI transmit range

    Hi Nils,


    with the XDK we transmit with the maximum Transmission Power.
    (There are legal limitations, so the hardware doesn't offer "more power".)

    But if you need a higher distance or range, maybe there is another communication standart that suit your usecase.

    Didi you know that there is a LORA-Extension available für the XDK? You can find details here:

    The Extension is available in two different variants (EU for Europe 868MHZ, and US für USA 915MHz).

    (If you need other contries then EU or US, please let us know.)

    There are different Providers on the Marke, who opperate LORA-Network or you use the community based Network


    There is also a Sigfox-Extension on the Market. depending on your Country there are different Distributors. e.g. Ennova Research.

    Its called SWING and you can e.g. find it on amazon.


    Maybe you can share more details about your usecase?


    Best regards Michael,

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    Re: Is it posssible to enhance the WIFI transmit range

    Hello Nils,

    The XDK110 Radio-Frequency settings cannot be changed as to mantain the CE/FCC certifications and regulations. Doing so might get you into trouble and is not supported by us or the RF module providers. For country specific settings, please use the tools or APIs by TI for this WiFi module.

    It is difficult to give precise range settings for any wireless solution, especially since range is in function of the local conditions. 30m is actually quite good for this module and fits wihin normal experiences.

    If you need to stay with WiFi, then I recomend a WiFi Range Extender. They are relativly cheap (20 EUR for entry-level devices) and easy to set up. Definitily cheaper than changing the technology you are using. 



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