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    FFT Noise with XDK

    FFT Noise with XDK


    I am trying (again) to do a FFT Noise analysis with the Bosch XDK. It's my second or third trial...

    I already learned that one member has a personal solution - but unfortunately that one is not publicly available

    The RTOS-Timer theoretically allows 1ms delays for each task. After trying that out I saw that the only realistic value is 10ms. I come to a similar value (about 9ms) when I don't use a timer, but a loop and just try to get the information as fast as possible and write the timer_counter in parallel.

    --> so my first question is - how is it possible to increase the frequency to record samples ? << 10ms --> in the first step, in order to know what I am doing, I also want to store that information on SD-File (e.g. every x samples read into an array). I can write batch of data on the SD card, those samples are taken every ~9ms. 

    --> is there a working solution for FFT with Noise available? - the solution shown on XDK homepage does not show big knowledge regarding FFT of noise, beginning with a timer of 100ms - 10 Hz sampling frequency, which is much too low for analysing noise. Honestly, I don't understand why this webpage on noise was not updated by Bosch as this part is no promotion...





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    Community Manager

    Re: FFT Noise with XDK

    Hello VerenaSchmidt11 ,

    Please see the news and new contact below, thank you!

    Cross Domain Development Kit | XDK

    The Bosch XDK IoT hardware platform and associated software has been transferred to LEGIC Identsystems Ltd.

    LEGIC has been an XDK ecosystem partner since 2019.

    Please send XDK inquiries to LEGIC:,