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    Error in WLAN package.

    New Poster

    Re: Error in WLAN package.

    Please can somebody tell me what this error means, because the given solutions dont look like a proper solution to me.

    Occasional Contributor

    Re: Error in WLAN package.

    Hello TDK_T

    The information which you provided is not sufficent to find the exact root cause of the issue.

    Could you more details about your WiFi network setup?

    Are you enterprise WiFi Network or Personal WiFi network?

    Is there are any restriction in your WiFi network. Whether it blocks some address or any Security Related Restriction?

    Does DHCP is turned off in Your WiFi network?

    Is there any Max connection limit in your Wifi network?

    Does signal strength of your Wifi network is good? Does XDK device kept far away from Wifi Network range?

    Are you able to connect with any other devices (e.g., mobile or any device) other than xdk without any problem?

    One of user was facing issue while connecting with wifi network, finally the problem was with wifi network setup. Please find the details ->

    New Poster

    Re: Error in WLAN package.


    i try it with different types of networks (enterprise, personal,, dhcp, open, ...)

    The developed code works fine at one sensor, but all the others are not connecting to any network.

    So there is no general problem with the code neither with the network.

    The problem has to be on the devices itsself. (inital setup, wifi chipset, ...)

    Established Member

    Re: Error in WLAN package.

    Hi TDK_T,

    Can you please try the following steps:

    1.) Try to update the Wifi-Module again:

           - flash the wifihostprogramm on the XDK

           - press button 1 and provide the output in the Forum

           -press Button 2 and wait until console output stops for ~10 Seconds

           - provide console output in this Forum.

          -  press button 1 and provide output to the forum.

    2.) Flash your application (the same binary that is working on another XDK).


    If this all is not working, please contact us via We will calrify the next steps via Mail.


    Thank you and best regards Michael