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    Connecting XDK Wifi

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    Connecting XDK Wifi

    Hello Together,

    how can i connect the XDK with my Wifi?



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    Re: Connecting XDK Wifi


    Re: Connecting XDK Wifi

    Hi pdo

    My XDK (V0.0.9)was able to connect to local wifi network. For connecting it to an enterprise wifi network i upgraded it with the Enterprise Wifi source codes. It worked fine. But now, I want to use the same XDK again in a local wifi network (username not used).

    Is it possible to connect it in this state to local wifi or must I downgrade it to the initial state?

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    Re: Connecting XDK Wifi

    Hi Darende,

    It is not necessary to downgrade WiFi chip version. You can connect with non enterprise WiFi network.

    You need to disable Enterprise WiFi settings.

    Thank You 🙂


    Re: Connecting XDK Wifi

    Hi again

    I am making the connection test with WLANNetworkManagement example project in the XDK workbench

    Every time I configure and flash the bin I get the following message: (although I define static IP it is always detected as

    But how to disable enterprise wifi? Can you explain exactly where to do?

    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : Hey User! XDK found the following networks:
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - found SSID number 0 is : BWSDEV
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - found SSID number 1 is : Guest_Access
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - found SSID number 2 is : MSW_Access
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - found SSID number 3 is : ITM_BCS
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - found SSID number 4 is : hpsetup
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - found SSID number 5 is : TP-LINK_TIA_Network
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - found SSID number 6 is : ITM_Access
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : Finished scan successfully
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : XDK will connect to YourWifiNetwork network.
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: WLANEnterpriseWPA2Connect : Static IP is set to :
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : Connected successfully.
    INFO | XDK DEVICE 1: [NCA] : - The static IP was retrieved :