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    Consolidate with this platform


    Consolidate with this platform

    I'm a bit confused about the existence of and this platform.

    I think it's a bad idea to have two community platforms at the same time.

    People get confused, don't know where to post, everything get diluted and loses momentum.

    If this platform should be the new entry point, how about migrating the existing users and posts, redirecting the URL of the old platform to here, and just continue in one spot?


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    Re: Consolidate with this platform

    Hello alf5koe!

    First of all, thanks a lot for your feedback 😀!

    Your are absolutely right 🙂 There is no reason to have 2 communities at the same time with the same goal, that's why we are working close with the XDK team to migrate their community to the Bosch Developer Portal.

    We have already announced this migration/change in a blog post in the XDK community (you can also check the community banner).

    In some weeks, Bosch Developer Portal is going to be the only entry point for our developers!

    Stay tuned 😎 


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    Re: Consolidate with this platform


    I see the transition has happened. now redirects to this site.

    One little detail remains... Where have all the post from the previous platform gone? If I recall correctly there was quite a bit of content on there. I cannot seem to find any of that on the new platform?

    All the search result you find on google when searching for XDK direct to the forum on, but now you just end up on the start page of this site...



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    Community Manager

    Re: Consolidate with this platform

    “Hello Alex,


    You are right (again 😎), we do have a lot of content in the XDK community which is now closed and all the links which you might find are going to redirect you to this community.
    The XDK team is trying to find the best solution to have the most relevant questions in our Bosch Developer Portal community.

    As also described here, we are trying our best to provide you the best solution and we are very sorry for all the inconvenience this is causing.




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