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    Home Connect setup does for Bosch Dishwasher Serie 6 does not work in an IPv6 only network

    Home Connect setup does for Bosch Dishwasher Serie 6 does not work in an IPv6 only network

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    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to raise this, or if it can be passed on to the relevant Bosch developers.

    I have been testing an IPv6 only network at home, running in parallel with my dual stack network. Although not common in Australia, I know some overseas ISPs have rolled out IPv6 only networks for customers, so it is important that devices will continue to work.

    The Home Connect setup, for a Bosch Dishwasher Serie 6, does not work with IPv6 only network, even with DNS64 + NAT64 running.

    * Phone can connect to the Dishwasher
    * Transfers WiFi network credentials
    * But then just times out with an error it can't connect

    The WiFi credentials are stored on the dishwasher, so you need to go into the settings menu and do a factory reset to clear them and be able to start again.

    The dishwasher does work on a dual stack network, and does get an IPv6 address.

    It has SLAAC based on EUI64 addresses, with the first one displayed on screen (although it gets many). I can ping the addresses -- multiple prefixes, plus the link local. The global address I can ping from external networks.

    So, it appears to at least partially support IPv6, but only when running in a dual stack network.

    Note that the network is running DNS64+NAT64, so even if the Home Connect server is IPv4 only, the device can still connnect to it. The problem is either a hard coded IPv4 address, reliance on IPv4 only library code, or a code check that assumes IPv4.

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Hello @sgryphon 

    Thank you for mentioning this issue. I am unsure if the Home Connect team will follow the issue on this board.

    Could you try posting the question to their direct contact below? thank you!

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    Hello @sgryphon,

    we appreciate bringing the issue. There is no quick fix for that but we will create a bug ticket out of this report and will take care of that. I also encourage you to contact austrian customer service, they will gather more data and you will have opportunity to track the progress of the ticket.