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    GLM Laser Ruler - Xamarin

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    GLM Laser Ruler - Xamarin

    Here is some more info:

    • I have looked and run Android Studio Code that you supplied
      • Demo you have all it has is a simple connect can get measure
    • We are developing in Xamarin Platform
      • Main doc that I’m using is from “MT protocol LRF command set”
      • Converted Checksum and figured out the following things:
        • I can connect
        • Turn laser on
        • Turn laser off
        • Can do the default 85 command
        • Issue a Command 64 and get distance


    Issues I’m having:

    • Anytime I try to set 64 or 85 options the command stop working
      • 64 command all I can do is set nothing
      • 85 command I set the first byte to 2 and second to 1
    • When I issue Command 64 the laser measure
      • But it will not update screen on ruler


    Anything you can point me too or send would be greatly appreciated.


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    Community Manager

    Re: GLM Laser Ruler - Xamarin

    Hello dbassion, thanks for your post,  we'll check into this and an expert get back to you as soon as we can!


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    Community Manager

    Re: GLM Laser Ruler - Xamarin

    To get additional information on developing mobile apps for Bosch GLM and PLR laser measuring devices with bluetooth connectivity, or to get the development app kit and protocols, see this link below and select "Get App Kit" or "Contact Us", or simply ask your additional questions in this forum, thank you!