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    Bosch Thermotechnology Device API support for integration with automation solutions

    Bosch Thermotechnology Device API support for integration with automation solutions

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    When will Bosch Thermotechnology Device API support open integration with automation solutions, like home assistant? Currently we only have access to tryout API and while we can access our devices, there is no way to reauthenticate and reissue a new bearer token which makes the integration impossible without using browser. I have multiple CT200 devices and it's application can use only a single device at the time. So to change anything accross multiple devices I need to logout and login multiple times which is really bad approach. Also, it states on your web site from 2018 that you plan to extend API usage and it would be nice to get na update.


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    I'm afraid I have to add to the people replying above - how can't this be ready by now?

    In the situaiton we are in now with high energy prices wanting to integrate in e.g. HomeAssistant I'm really surprised this isn't in place.

    I hope this will come to the Bosch compress 3800i ew which I have ASAP. Or I will have to do some reverse engineering to achieve what I want.

    Isn't it quite embarassing for Bosch to be even if not lightyears but at least years after  your competitors? Do you want to be a leader in energy effiency and smart grids?

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    @pdo When will the API be open to everyone?

    All I want to do is read the current room themperature.
    I can do it in the test-environment, and after having it done in the test-environment I can run the same call in Node Red

    But after a while the session on the developer portal is closed and I can no longer read the data.

    Bosch is making me regret the installation of the Easycontrol thermostat.
    I want to buy some Smart Radiator Thermostats, you're making me hesitate to throw out the EasyControl thermostat at once after only 1 year of "use"

    How hard can it be to let people read-out the settings of a connected device ?

    Why do I need the roomthemperature in Node Red ?
    I want to lower the blinds on the south side of my house, but only when the inside themperature of my house is above a certain value.

    That is what I call smart home, not a thermostat that happens te be changeable on a smartphone 

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    Hi Bosch team!

    Since our current heat pump is 16 years old, we started to scan the market for a replacement (along with some neighbours). Having such poor options for integrating a Compress 3800i EW with other systems makes it a poor candidate. I can only agree with my previous posters. It's 2022, home automation has been around for some years and we have a big energy crisis. In that situtation you want to have some extra control over your consumption. For this we don't want to register a business case. All we want is access to our own appliances.

    Please assign some resources to this problem and enable us (future) users to control our devices.

    Thank you,


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    We need to be able to have access to this api. It is impossible to use this equipment in an energy efficient way without it. For my use case I need to integrate this with my other energy recovery system. I would also like to add that I also wouldn’t have purchased this if I believed there was no api coming in the future. Additionally I don’t see why I need to drill another hole in my house to get the outside temperature. I already read this via 3 other sensors outside. Would be nice to use that information that already exists in my current smart home. To fix this I will install a device that measures current draw from the device and infer whether the heat pump is on or off. Absolutely unacceptable.

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    I have a heat pump with the MX300 at home since a few weeks and would like to get some data from the app
    in Grafana, stupidly you have done your homework halfway and the myBuderus app uses TrustKit therefore I do not come as easily as hoped to the necessary endpoints.

    How does it look, do you open the API or at least give out the API doc?


    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Hello, and thank you for contacting Bosch,

    The status is unchanged over the past years: the Bosch Thermotechnology Device API has no current roadmap item to implement self-service home use and support.

    If there is any future change, we will update in the Community and product site content. Please contact your sales/support representative for support or for more info on the currently available home automation options.

    Thank you,

    Your Bosch Developer Portal team