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    Several Object Browser issues

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    Re: Several Object Browser issues

    One more hint concerning 2: I guess you are using the EasyPanel add-on, which contains a dependency to the ModeHandlerTemplate allowing several versions. In general, when an object contains a BaseRef or Using allowing several versions, Object Browser selects all applicable versions of the referenced object. It should not select objects referenced as "Dependency", but it currently does. These two points are already in our backlog. What I cannot reproduce is that the ModeHandlerTemplate wasn't even selected before it was downloaded. When I select the EasyPanel, several ModeHandlerTemplate versions are selected.

    And another hint concerning 3: The import from the ObjectVersions.xml does not consider the object versions. It will always download the latest version. It's also on our list to improve the function so it tries to download compatible versions at least. But still I am not sure if the function would be a good replacement for backing up the Std folder. Maybe it is good enough for a BaseStation project if you don't care if the exact same object versions are used every time.

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    Re: Several Object Browser issues

    Hello all,

    Regarding to the point 2. It's not only happends with ModeHandlers it's happens with few objects and his dependencies, since "versions· is added to ood.

    Eg. Update NxDataSetManagerAddon dowload all incompatible versions of DataDefBase.

    This is not nice because place scrap on repository. This is happen with many other objects.

    One easy solutions could be a checkbox when copy objects on i"ncompatible downgrade", then we can avoid dowlload scrap.

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    Re: Several Object Browser issues

    Thanks for all the responses.


    Concering version numbers: I think using gaps in incompatible version number is a possible solution. I indeed do not care how much a number increases by with each update.


    Concerning mode handler template: I am using an easy panel but it's not the easy panel that is pulling in the Mode Handler Template. I tried using the reverse dependency mode in the object browser to find out which object does, but it does not work (probably because you are using versions instead of version?). Anyway, I have a similar pain like Despejo.