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    Run PLC locally not possible


    Run PLC locally not possible

    Hello community,

    I can not run the PLC locally on my computer. After "Activate Configuration", the following error message appers. I've run this PLC project very often on my local computer and I've never had any problems.



    I don´t use a virtual machine.

    Maybe someone knows this problem and can help me.




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    Re: Run PLC locally not possible

    Please check the documentation of the Digital Machine example project:

    In the last chapter there are some hints regarding this problem.


    After checking this documentation:
    Some SCCM laptops are affect by BIOS / Windows updates which seem to activate Hyper-V and virtualization-based security. Both needs to be disabled via IT Service Portal > Add/Remove Software > DiagRA-MC / Hyper-V.

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    Re: Run PLC locally not possible

    Hello all,

    Just to share information for Bosch pc users.

    I have same problem few weeks ago. Something activated Hyper-V on mi PC and i can't disable (BOSCH PC). I was disable it manually in many ways, but when pc is started windows enbling it again, even if you have disable Hyper-V on SCCM package.


    I created a CI ticket and they solved after a while. They gave to me some scripts and update some BIOS features. They found a bug on a some package.I share this picture where you can see the final resolution with ticket number, that may helps a CI resolution.


    Currently this behaviour is affecting to others colleagues too.

    Good luck



    Re: Run PLC locally not possible

    Today CI made a buxfix on the disable/enable Hyper-V package.

    After a reboot, Hyper-V was disabled on my computer and I can run the PLC locally on my computer.

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    Re: Run PLC locally not possible

    Colleagues also made the experience that "Disable Virtualization based Security" had to be implemented via the IT service portal: