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    NexeedRxKeScrewer with multiple screwers

    NexeedRxKeScrewer with multiple screwers

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    Hello everybody,

    in my current project we have the following setup with two screwers:


    • SB365 (Container)
    • VM350 (Power supply)
    • SE352 (Control unit)
    • LTS350D (Servo amplifier)
    • LTS350D (Servo amplifier)
    • SE352 (Control unit)
    • LTS350D (Servo amplifier)
    • KE350 (Communication unit) -> 1x IMecat

    I want to use the NexeedRxKeScrewer object to control both screwer throught the IMecat peripheral since the documentation states: "Control up to 8 spindles". However, how can I select the spindle? There is no parameter in ParCmd or ParImm.

    Maybe the setup is wrong and we need an additional IMecat interface module for the KE350 (it has two slots type B).

    Thank you for any help.


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    The NexeedRxKeScrewer object supports two different types of applications:

    • Option 1: One screwdriving application with up to 8 spindles.
    • Option 2 (MultiFo): Up to 3 independent screwdriving applications with a maximum of 3 spindles.

    The configuration of the different applications is described in the object documentation.

    Option 1: One screwdriving application with up to 8 spindles.

    Related Objects

    • NexeedRxKeScrewer (Object)
    • NexeedEcRxKE350 (Peripheral)

    In this application, all spindles are controlled in the same screwdriving application.
    The NexeedRxKeScrewer  configuration parameter EnableMultiFO = FALSE


    The configuration of the KE communication unit is described in the documentation of the NexeedEcRxKE350.



    Option 2:  Independent screwdriving applications (Multi-FO)

    Related Objects

    • NexeedRxKeScrewer (Object)
      • A separate instance is required for each screwdriving application
    • NexeedEcRxKE350Fo(Peripheral)

    In this application, the spindles can be controlled via independent screwdriving applications.
    The NexeedRxKeScrewer  configuration parameter EnableMultiFO = TRUE

    For each independent screwdriving application, an instance of NexeedRxKeScrewer is required.


    The configuration of the KE communication unit is described in the documentation of the NexeedEcRxKE350Fo.



    Based on your question, I assume that your screwing applications are independent of each other. In this case, option 2 is the appropriate configuration for you. As you have already realised, there is no ParCmd / ParImm to control the individual spindles, this is ensured via individual instances of the NexeedRxKeScrewer Object. Please note that the amount of possible result data is limited for a multi-FO application (option 2).

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I guess I missed the part in the documentation about the multi FO mode.