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    display sensor data in custom module using REST

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    display sensor data in custom module using REST

    Hello everybody,

    I have a simple question: (when) will it be possible to display data from sensors (ANT+/BT/BLE) that are already connected and running on the phone (in their own apps), but are not included in COBI's cadence/HR/speed sensor support (which is awesome, btw). For example, a tire air pressure sensor.

    The desired data are accessible in the same way COBI's data are, using an API, in this case a REST get call would be needed, nothing more.

    I mean this from a development point-of-view, it's obvious that you'll need to register as a developer in your "sensor app" as well, so I'm not talking "average consumer ready". 

    Is this, or will this be technically possible with COBI, now or in the near future?

    thanks so much in advance, great work!

    kind regards,


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    Re: display sensor data in custom module using REST


    If the data of these sensors is accessible through a web REST API, the use case you mention should be possible to implement already.

    Let us know if you need any assistance.


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    Re: display sensor data in custom module using REST

    I don't  think that's possible. Because of the way app's connect to BLE devices, the original app is communicating directly with the sensor. The phone's OS (and therefore other app's) don't really have access to that sensor. For example, if you have RunKeeper connected to a HRM, RunKeeper controls the BLE connection. Other app's cannot simultaneously use that HRM.

    Also, keep in mind that iPhones cannot connect to ANT sensors without an external adapter. Only one company made such an adapter and I don't think they make it anymore.