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    Welcome to the Bosch Developer Portal Community!

    Community Manager

    Welcome to the Bosch Developer Portal Community!

    Welcome to Bosch Developer Portal Community!

    We appreciate your visit and are excited to have you here! Welcome to our developer community – an open space where you can connect with other developers, ask questions, provide feedback, exchange experiences and best practices regarding Bosch APIs, SDKs and other IoT services.


    Within News & Discussions you’ll find three items:

    • About the Community –Here you can find general community information such as community guidelines and updates from the community management team.
    • Developer Board – This is the perfect place for you to ask questions, share your insights and join discussions with other developers and experts! Tell us your thoughts on the Bosch Developer Portal, its APIs and other IoT services!
    • Release Notes - This section will contain periodic updates about the Bosch Developer Portal product and changes that have been made to it.


    The goal of this community is to:

    • Foster the building of an IoT Ecosystem by connecting developers who share ideas, knowledge and experiences
    • Enable developers to leverage Bosch’s high quality resources (APIs, SDKs, etc.) to develop IoT solutions, by quickly resolving your questions through peer-to-peer support
    • Improve Bosch IoT solutions and services by systematically gaining deeper insights into the needs and feedback of our key stakeholders 


    An ecosystem is only strong as its active players. We are excited to have you visiting us and hope this community can be a place for you to share your ideas, solve problems and be inspired to create life-changing IoT solutions. We invite you to reply to this post and introduce yourself to your fellow community members.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Developer Portal Community Management Team through the platform or via

    Enjoy your stay!

    The Bosch Developer Portal Community Team